You’ll have to purchase a butcher knife whenever you need to size up the meats for cooking. It’s precisely what the name suggests – a large-sized knife with a slight curvature.

Chefs, butchers, hunters, and home kitchens use them to slice and dice the meats. But the process can turn into nightmares with blunt, rusted, and damaged knives.

Getting the best butcher knife set is no easy task with so many options. Continue with us here to know everything necessary to buy top butcher knives for the job.

What to Look for in a Butcher Knife?

It’s no longer the time to choose knives based on aesthetics, sizes, and sharpness. Many factors are in play to decide whether a knife is perfect. And we’ve dug up the quintessential features to look for in a butcher knife while buying.


There are different types associated with butcher knives for commercial or residential uses. A traditional one features wide blades with curved tips for almost any cutting job. You can opt for a boning knife to make smooth meat cuts.

Steak knives cut meat and bones for home use. You’ll need a skinning knife with a straight blade tip for gutting and skinning animals. Meanwhile, the rounded and scallop-edged tip of the long carving knife can make even slices.

A chef’s knife with tapered triangular blades can handle heavier cutting tasks. Tall-bladed cimeters are good for making even cuts on thicker meats. And meat cleavers are the bulkiest, mainly used for less precise chopping.


Longevity is a significant concern when it comes to commercial uses. Cutting meats with damaged or blunt knives is frustrating. Therefore, you’ll have to invest in a good knife set to last the distance.

Blade material also plays a vital part in cutting raw meat. Don’t ever choose anything other than high-carbon stainless steel. Stainless steel makes all the difference – whether a long blade or a small knife.

Chromium is the element responsible for added durability in knives. It strengthens a blade’s resistance to corrosion from detergents. However, cleaning the utensils by hand can easily dismiss this issue.


Where do you want to use the knife – at home or restaurant? What are the tasks you want to handle with the knife? Answering these questions is essential to narrow down your preferable options.

You can skip commercial sets for homes and ornamental sets for businesses. Boning, chef’s, and breaker knives are widely used in restaurants. But traditional steak and carving knives often suit homes better than commercial uses.

Choosing a versatile knife set can give you the privilege of handling almost any task. Don’t miss the meat type to take into consideration. You’ll need a slightly more flexible or semi-stiff blade for fish.


You can use a butcher knife set for cutting vegetables and meat. However, you can’t size deer bones or beef using these utensils. Instead, they’re good at handling cartilage, sinew, small bones, tough skins, and others.

Always choose steel blades to avoid undesirable chips and cuts. Look into the edge retention to keep up with the blade’s razor-like sharpness. Check the blade’s thickness and effective cutting length for proper and even slices.


Most people looking for indoor kitchen applications forget about the handle. Blood and fats can make the surface quite messy and dangerously slippery. That’s why it highly concerns your safety, comfort, and accuracy.

A textured surface with an ergonomic design can provide comfortable non-slip grips. Try to consider a lightweight handle to work for a longer time. A knife with a pakka handle can further contain anti-bacterial properties.


Seeing a knife and trying it on meats can give two different feelings. And you may not find the chosen one comfortable to continue. That’s where you should look into the material and its grips.

Sweaty and messy situations may not hold well for wooden handles. Instead, you can go for nylon polymer or black handles. Outlined wooden ones are more appealing and slightly ornamental.


Only a few smart individuals look into certified standards while buying knives. Buying an accredited knife set can address health concerns. Not many knives have certification from NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). Having NSF approval means you won’t have to deal with health problems.

Our Top Picks

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Mercer Culinary M21820 Millennia Knife Set Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Brand: Mercer Culinary
Color: Black
Handle Material: Polypropylene,Steel
Blade Edge: Bread Knife
Buy Amazon
backpac TUO Fiery Phoenix Series Knife Set Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel
Brand: TUO
Color: Fiery East
Handle Material: Stainless,Stainless Steel,High-carbon,Steel
Blade Edge: Hollow, Plain
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cordlessblower 3. KIWI Knife Cook Utility Knives Cutlery Set
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Brand: Kiwi
Color: Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Wood Handle
Blade Edge: Plain
Buy Amazon
4. Victorinox Swiss Army Field Dressing Kit
Brand: Victorinox
Color: Black
Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel
Style: 7 Pc Field Kit
Blade Shape: Onion Skinner
Buy Amazon
5. XYJ Handmade Multi-Functional Butcher Knife Brand: XYJ
Color: Silver, Brown, Black
Handle Material: Wood
Blade Edge: Plain
Buy Amazon
6. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Ultimate Competition BBQ Set
Color: Black
Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Edge: Plain
Buy Amazon
7. Weston Game Processing Knife Set Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Brand: Weston
Color: Black
Handle Material: Plastic,Steel
Blade Edge: Boning Knife
Buy Amazon
8. FULLHI Forged Butcher Knife Set Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Color: Brown
Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Edge: Plain
Buy Amazon
9. Utopia Kitchen Cleaver Chopper Butcher Knife
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Brand: Utopia Kitchen
Color: Black
Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Edge: Plain

Buy Amazon
10. Farberware Forged Kitchen Knife Block Set
Color: Cherry
Brand: Farberware
Blade Material: Steel
Blade Edge: Serrated
Item Dimensions:
9.84 x 5.91 x 13.58 inches
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Top 10 Butcher Knife Set Reviews

You can still find many knife sets using our buying guide mentioned above. Finding the right butcher knife will eventually cost you additional time and effort. Our experts enlisted the best butcher knife sets for the money you can buy. 

1. Mercer Culinary M21820 Millennia Knife Set

The Japanese butcher knife set is a package for demanding chefs. It’s an 8-piece set to meet all your cutting demands. Paring, santoku, boning, bread, slicing, and chef’s knives are in the pocket bag.

Also, you can skip stones/sandpaper with the included honing steel. Its top-notch Japanese steel allows the rapid sharpening. And the razor-sharp edge enables easy maintenance for months of use. All these stainless steel blades feature an additional NSF approval.

Santoprene with polypropylene makes up the durable and ergonomic handle. It also facilitates textured points with a protective guard. You’ll enjoy a tight grip and optimum comfort while using the knives.


  • One full set for all cutting tasks.
  • Excellent blade edge retention.
  • Innovative handle for safe grips.
  • Forged and high-carbon steel.
  • Adjustable strap for knife rolls.


  • Missing rounded spine.
  • Lower-quality zippers.

2. TUO Fiery Phoenix Series Knife Set

Fiery Phoenix combines form and function to craft the beautiful and practical block set. The 8-piece butcher’s knife set features top-notch German steel. You’ll have a 4″ paring, 5″ utility, 6″ chopping, 7″ cleaver, and 7″ santoku knives.

And the 8″ honing steel can relieve you of stressful sharpening for cutting meat. Its high carbon stainless steel with HRC56±2 hardness ensures longevity with high corrosion resistance. The 18-degree razor-like edges will deliver precise slicing.

An included shear lets you handle chicken bones, fish bones, and sea shells. However, the colorfully outlined pakkawood handle is sure to catch your eye. Its fashionable tan-black combo on the ergonomic handle is the knife’s highlight.


  • Sufficient flexibility of blades.
  • No sticking to blade surfaces.
  • Woodblock for easy storage.
  • 3-step special blade finishing.


  • Compromised sharpness.
  • Defective wooden block.

3. KIWI Knife Cook Utility Knives Cutlery Set

KIWI comes with a simpler yet better butcher knife set. The utility steak knife pair outruns other models in sharpness. It remains one of the most popular sets among kitchen enthusiasts.

The high-carbon steel can maintain its superior sharpness for months. KIWI delivers a sharp blade like no other kitchen knife. You can comfortably cut around bones to separate meats and chop veggies. You can even order either piece based on your needs.

Its wooden handle enables soft yet non-slip grips. The steel runs into nearly half of the handle for added strength. Keeping up with the maintenance is simple due to its dishwasher safety.


  • 6.5″ knife held by a 5″ handle.
  • Balanced blade-handle combo.
  • Simple yet ergonomic handle.
  • Easy storage on a magnetic strip.


  • Not for commercial uses.
  • No blade guard included.

4. Victorinox Swiss Army Field Dressing Kit

Victorinox Swiss Army Field Dressing Kit

Get ready with the hunting-fishing set among the finest Swiss army knives. It’s a 7-piece field kit. The kit has an 8″ breaking knife, a 6″ fillet knife, and a 6″ boning knife. You’ll also get a large 10″ cimeter and a small 3.25″ sized paring knife.

Use the included 10″ honing steel to restore the sharpness by yourself. Special tampering allows the edges to undergo quick resharpening. And the blades of stainless steel can stand against outdoor rigors.

Hand-finishing by expert craftsmen adds aesthetics to the exterior. Its selection lets you use the extremely durable kitchen cutlery for any sized meat and fish. The simple handle won’t disappoint you with a loose grip or imbalance.


  • High-carbon steel blades.
  • Suitable use for any adult.
  • Smartly designed handle.
  • Poly roll for easy folding.


  • No sheaths included.

5. XYJ Handmade Multi-Functional Butcher Knife

Meet your kitchen camping or backyard BBQ needs with the versatile set. The 3-piece cutlery is sure to deliver a professional experience. Its 7″ butcher knife includes a 6″ boning and a 6″ kitchen knife.

And their sharpness comes from natural grinders from Mount Emei. Manual sharpening in mechanical ways imparts extended lifespan. Using these forged steel blades, you can even chop soft vegetables on the cutting board.

Ergonomic design with full-tang spec makes the handle non-slippery. An additional sheath covers the boning knife for safety concerns. Beautiful outlines adorn the wooden handle for a perfect match.


  • Safe and comfortable grip.
  • Suitable for outdoor events.
  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • Secure to carry in the box.


  • Not for regular kitchens.
  • High maintenance needs.

6. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Ultimate Competition BBQ Set

Another top-class set is here for professional and amateur BBQ lovers. The 8-piece set is the ultimate choice of pitmasters. You’ll get paring, boning, breaking, cimeter, slicer, and chef’s knives in the pack.

The carbon-rich steel blades can handle all meat types and sizes. The blade edges are razor-sharp and laser-tested for performance. Any blade from the good butcher knife set will give you the cleanest cuts possible.

Its ergonomic handle delivers a non-slip grip, perfectly weighed and precisely balanced. You can use the steel rod for resharpening the edges. Don’t forget the included knife roll to keep them stored safely.


  • Complete outdoor grilling kit.
  • Superb stability for comfort.
  • Balanced design for handling.
  • Exceptional edge retention.


  • Not dishwasher safe.

7. Weston Game Processing Knife Set

Get ready with the hunting-fishing set among the finest Swiss army knives. It’s a 7-piece field kit. The kit has an 8″ breaking knife, a 6″ fillet knife, and a 6″ boning knife. You’ll also get a large 10″ cimeter and a small 3.25″ sized paring knife.

However, the adjustable butcher saw with two steel blades differs. It lets you handle tough and heavy bone-slicing work. Therefore, separating meat with its blade sharpness becomes a pleasant experience.

Also, there are game shears with a spring-based lock system to secure the operation. A plastic storage case enables convenient storage for all. And the included steel rod comes in handy during resharpening.


  • One full set for all cutting tasks.
  • Excellent blade edge retention.
  • Innovative handle for safe grips.
  • Forged and high-carbon steel.
  • Adjustable strap for knife rolls.


  • Slightly poor sawing.
  • Weaker game shears.

8. FULLHI Forged Butcher Knife Set

Get everything needed for kitchens, BBQs, or camping with the FULLHI knife set. The top-tier deboning tool comes in 8 or 12 pieces. Likewise, you’ll get a boning, chef’s, carving, and butcher knife in the pack.

A standard rounded tip can easily remove the meat from bones without shredding. These knives feature little flexibility for prepping fish. And the curved blade with excellent edge retention enables precise, even, and clean slicing.

Its reddish sandalwood handle combines ergonomics and strength. These knives are three-riveted with full-tang for secure grips. Additional tools are there with knives to let you enjoy a pleasant prepping.


  • Steel blades with sharpness.
  • One full set for all light tasks.
  • Hassle-free maneuverability.
  • Resistant to wear and rust.
  • Carrying and storage roll bag.


  • Not for commercial uses.
  • Unsuitable for beef bones.

9. Utopia Kitchen Cleaver Chopper Butcher Knife

Utopia breaks the trend of knife sets with a single-piece chopping butcher knife. It’s more like a cleaver than a standard butcher knife. However, you can choose from three sizes – 6″, 7″, or 8″.

This one knife with a thick blade suits more commercial uses than homes. It easily cuts through any meat and bones for preps without requiring too many knife blades. A sturdy frame of steel and ABS lets it handle the tougher rigors.

The ABS 430 handle enables simple maneuverability, easy grip, and comfortable cutting. Its ultra-sharp edge retains the original sharpness for a long time. Cleaning is also easy with its dishwasher safety.


  • Top-quality build for durability.
  • Cutting, chopping, and cleaving.
  • Exclusive design for restaurants.
  • Superb retention of sharpness.


  • No available sheath/case.
  • Better avoid the dishwasher.

10. Farberware Forged Kitchen Knife Block Set

The full cutlery package contains nearly all key knives to meet your needs. You’ll have a paring, santoku, utility, slicing, bread, boning, and chef knife with a meat cleaver. Every knife has a stainless steel blade.

Also, all the knives have separate protective sheaths. Manual sharpening by experts delivers somewhat extended life expectancy. Their forged steel blades are ready to handle all cutting tasks effectively.

Meanwhile, the handles feature textured and non-slip polymer exteriors. These three-riveted, full-tang knives ensure comforting grips. An included rod for sharpening and a bag for storage is also available.


  • Durable EDGEKEEPER tech.
  • Stained wooden block storage.
  • Easy care with hand wash.
  • Wide bolster for the balance.


  • Somewhat prone to rusts.

How Do You Sharpen Butcher Knives?

Sharpness isn’t a consistent feature of any knife, no matter how good they are. Blade edges keep losing their sharpness with time and use. And you’ll have to resharpen the blade at one point or another.

You can choose a sharpening machine, sharpening stones, or manual sharpeners. But the process involves different technical factors. Likewise, a machine can help you get the most precise outcome.

Sharpening stones are widely popular for good edge retention. Still, you’ll have to get the sharpening angle and grit size properly. An incorrect sharpening process can make the blade invalid and beyond repair.

You can choose whetstone or Waterstone for butcher knives. Sandpaper also works sufficiently well. But steel/honing rods are no good.

Finishing git size (#4000 – #8000) delivers superfine edge sharpness for blades. You can keep it within #5000 – #6000 for butcher knives. But the #8000 grit can make the blade bendable on cutting/slicing.

We have a simplified guide to help you with the process. But these factors may change depending on the knife’s features and specs.

  • Submerge stones in the water to release all the air bubbles. You can use oil for whetstone. But never apply water to an oiled stone for resharpening.
  • Hold the knife firmly using your dominant hand with its blade facing down. Keep the blade flat-locked using your thumb.
  • Place the knife at 45 degrees with the stone center to keep the blade tilted at a 15-degree angle. Apply pressure while moving the knife back and forth with the other hand.
  • Burrs on the back resulting from the movement means you’re removing metal. You’ll have to continue till the entire back edge burrs.
  • Turn the blade over to move the back from the tip to its heel for burrs’ removal. Keep looking into the surface to remove all burrs.
  • Set the blade in previous angles at the finer stone side. Repeat the entire process for refining. It should make the butcher knife workable again with desired sharpness.

Understanding the setup may seem complex for anyone new to knife sharpening. Thankfully, there are video tutorials online available to demonstrate the process onscreen. You can google them yourself to resolve your confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A butcher knife’s length can range from 6″ up to 14″, depending on the type. Knives for chops and meats usually measure 6″ to 8″.

Yes, cutting bones is possible using a butcher knife. But it only works well on small to medium-sized bones. You’ll need larger knives to chop larger bones.

1095 high carbon steel without manganese is the most widely used knife material. It generates a somewhat stiffer blade with superior edge retention.


Personalize the kitchen and your meat-prepping style with the top butcher knife set. Every knife may look the same, but they’ll feel different in hand. You can apply our guidelines to invest in the best knife set.

Mercer Culinary and TUO are the best butcher knives you should consider. Either one delivers excellent performance in everyday meat preparation. Both sets seem like a full package ready to aid your slicing business.