How To Cut Potato Wedges: Step By step Process

How To Cut Potato Wedges: Step-by-step Process


Potato wedges are one of the popular dishes among teenagers. It’s easy to make and mouth-watering. These have been named potato wedges because of their irregular wedged shape.

The specialty is that they are seasoned with paprika, salt, pepper, and varieties of spices. You can make this delicious dish at home. It’s different from french fries as wedges are baked and finely seasoned with spices. Hence, it’s healthier due to the lesser amount of fat it contains. 

Here is a complete guideline for you on how to cut potato wedges

How do you cut the perfect wedge?

To have the perfect potato wedge, you need to cut it down perfectly. This is how you can achieve this:


Firstly, you need to have a big-sized potato, a sharp chef’s knife, and a board to cut it down. Wash it with a vegetable scrub to remove any sort of dirt. It’s your wish to peel the potato or remain unpeeled. Then halve the potato. If you want long wedges, then halve lengthwise, if short, then halve crosswise.

Step 2

Place the halved potato in a stable position so that you cut it down safely. Slice the halved potato lengthwise. Then cut each quarter in half again to make a true wedge. If you want your wedge small keep slicing it into more pieces.

How To Cut Potato Wedges: Step-by-step Process

Step 3 

The texture of the potato depends on how you slice it down. The thickness of your wedge determines the cooking time. If you love extra crispy wedges then slice them in thin. If someone prefers soft and crispy then slice them in thick.

How do you cut wedges for fries?

  • Take a potato, wash it properly, and peel the skin.
  • For fries, wedges are cut in slightly different ways. You need to slice potatoes down into several strips or julienne.
  • All the other processes are similarly mentioned above. It depends on you if you want your fries thick or thin.

What angle do you cut a wedge?

Hold the knife 45-degree angle against the wide side of the large wedge. The wedges need to be cut horizontally to get the perfect shape. Angle does matter as it plays a part in cooking. The perfect angle the more perfect wedges are. 

Why are my wedges not crispy?

Wedges are not crispy because the moisture in them has not been retained properly. After slicing, make sure you drain the water off. If you want your wedges to be crispy, you can place them in cold water to get rid of the starch. Before doing that you need to fry it a bit in oil.

To make your wedges crispy

1. You need to make sure the water has evaporated.

2. Keep the wedges in cold water to retain all the moisture.

3. Fry it in oil for a few minutes then keep them in the freezer.

4. After an hour, deep fry them in oil.

If you are not following these steps, these could be the reason why your wedges are not crispy.  


We all know potato wedges are mouth-watering dishes. From kids to adults, everyone loves to have this delicious delicacy. If you just follow some pro tips, you can also make this recipe at home.

It does not require any chef skills, if you have minimal basic cooking skills you can achieve this. Potato wedges are available in both spicy and cheesy if you want.