How to safely cut fruits and vegetables

How to safely cut fruits and vegetables

For making your daily life easier, cutting fruits and vegetables safely is a very essential and challenging task. It also stresses the importance of taking your time, and being accurate and precise. 

In fact, if you want to feel safe while cutting the fruits and vegetables, you have to follow some necessary steps. And of course, following these steps, anyone can cut the gigantic vegetables with confidence!

Stay connected with us to know the procedure of cutting fruits and vegetables safely. 

Do I need any high quality tools to cut fruits and vegetables safely

Cutting the fruits and vegetables is not safe all the time. Maximum time, grinding large amounts of vegetables seems dangerous. 

So definitely, you need high quality tools to cut fruits and vegetables safely. If you do not have the high quality tools, then you may face some difficulties while you cut fruits and vegetables. 

The high-quality tools will make your grinding vegetables easier most of the time. Besides, you have to have full concentration when you cut vegetables or fruits. 

The elements of food grinding 

If you want to cut the fruits and vegetables safely, then you must have some important elements. Those elements will help you to cut the fruits and vegetables perfectly. 

Lets see some elements of food grinding:

Cutting board: 

You need a cutting board first to cut down the fruits and vegetables. For cutting gigantic vegetables you should select the cutting board more patiently.

How to safely cut fruits and vegetables


Knife is the most important element to cut fruits and vegetables. The safety of cutting down vegetables and fruits safely depends on the blade of the knife also. 

Rubber feet:

You have to connect the rubber feet on the bottom of the cutting board. Rubber feet give the cutting board additional support. Additionally, this is important to make the cutting board strike. 

Rubber mat:

The shield of the cutting board will not be smooth like before if you do not put a rubber mat on it. Because, the rubber mat will protect the cutting board 

The finger position while cutting the fruits and vegetables

You need to keep your finger as a claw grip during the cutting of fruits and vegetables. It will help you to stabilize the ingredients. 

In this way, you can protect your finger. For this, you have to make a claw out of fruits and vegetables. Afterwards, you have to press your fingertips and make some space to cut the vegetables. 

This is how you can protect your finger from injury. 

The quality of knife 

You will discover several knives in the market. But you need to know which knife will be the best for cutting fruits and vegetables. As a result, some best quality of knives is given below:

Paring Knives:

The knife is small by its size. In addition, the design is very lightweight. Surprisingly, the knife is very sharp. As a result, you can cut any type of fruits and vegetables. 

Serrated or Bread knives: 

The serrated knife is long by its size. But the blade of the knife is very sharp. So, you can use the knife to cut fruits and vegetables properly. 

Santoku Knives:

Santoku knives are able to cut the fruits and vegetables perfectly. Because it is a fast cutting vegetable and fruit knife. 

The material of the cut board

You will see a lot of cutting boards with different materials. Some will really make your cutting vegetables activities really good. So the materials of the cutting board are given below: 

Bamboo cut board:

Bamboo cut boards are made with bamboo material. The weight of the board is very light. Also, you will find several sizes of bamboo cutting boards in the market to cut fruits and vegetables. 

Granite or Ceramic cut board:

The glass or ceramic cut board is very resilient. In addition, the cutting material of the board is glass. Your glass board will always remain clear. 

Plastic cut board:

Plastic cutting boards work in a very good way for cooks. Usually, the plastic board does not stain easily. In addition, it is the ideal cutting board to cut vegetables and fruits easily. 

Woodcut board:

Woodcut boards will be the best for you if you want an economical alternative. Also, the board is very easy to keep clean. Moreover, you can slice the vegetables safely by using the board. 

Marble and silicon cut board:

A marble cut board is a very good option to slice fruits and vegetables. The boards are very long-lasting. Besides, silicon cut boards are very famous. 

You can buy a silicon board at a very low cost. In fact, the materials are able to take high pressure. 

The technique to cut fruits and vegetables safely

You have to follow some techniques to cut the fruits and vegetables safely. For this, cutting fruits and vegetables will be very easy for you. So, let’s look at those techniques at a glance. 

The catching away of the fruits and vegetables:

You have to handle the fruits and vegetables by hand very well. Some vegetables will be so easy to catch such as onions. Moreover, you have to save your fingers from the knife while cutting vegetables. 

When you cut the fruits or vegetables, your hand should stay in clenched way. You have to give your full concentration in this manner. 

Choose the right knife:

Paring, serrated or bread, santoku knives will be the best for cutting the fruits and vegetables perfectly. Moreover, you have to check the blade of the knife. 

A sharp and sturdy knife is the best choice to cut fruits and vegetables safely. Dull knives will be very difficult for you. 

Prepare your cutting board:

Before cutting the fruits and vegetables, you have to make sure that your cutting board is neat and clean.  

Wash and dry the fruits and vegetables:

Before cutting the fruits and vegetables, you need to rinse the vegetables thoroughly with water. After that, you have to let them dry with a clean towel. 

Cut off the ends:

You need to cut off the vegetable’s stem and root first. Then, you can cut the vegetables into pieces. It will make your cutting experience easier. 

Cut with a rocking motion:

You should use a smooth back-and-forth rocking motion with the knife while you cut the fruits and vegetables. In addition, you have to put the blade of the knife in the right way with the cutting board as you cut the vegetables. 

Take your time as much as you need:

When you cut the fruits and vegetables, you should not rush in the process. So, you need to focus on the accuracy of the process rather than speed. 

Keep your knife safe:

After cutting the fruits and vegetables, you have to keep your knife safely. For this, you can maintain a protective sheath as well as a knife block. 


To conclude, cutting fruits and vegetables in a proper way is a very important part of cooking. But it is more important to take the proper precautions to stay safe. 

Furthermore, by following those steps, you can cut fruits and vegetables with ease and confidence, without having a tension of injury.